Accreditation - examination and control of design and technical documentation of stands and installation and dismantling works on the territory of the «Atakent» Exhibition Center. The accreditation procedure consists of three parts: submission of documents, verification and approval of documents, issuance of permits. For successful accreditation, it is necessary to submit documents on time and in full.

Accreditation packages:

For Developers

A third-party developer - legal or actual person who is not a participant of the exhibition who build up non-standard exposition on the territory of EC «Atakent».

The application deadline for one-story stands is 10 working days before the official opening of the exhibition.

The deadline for submitting an application for two-story stands is 15 working days before the official opening of the exhibition.

The procedure is chargeable and the deadline for applications for the accreditation is limited in time.


For Exhibitors

If you have built up your own stand on your own, without involving third-party developers, you have to get through accreditation process in the Technical department IEC «Atakent-Expo» JSC.

For exhibitors accreditation procedure is provided free.


For Limited works

Mantling passes are issued for limited works are supplied to exhibitors with a standard booth for early arrival, the assembly of complex and heavy exhibits, as well as designers for companies that are engaged only finished standard stand by General developer inside the pavilions EC «Atakent».


Dear developers!

It is recommended to provide the original documents for accreditation in the first half of the working day in our office.


Conducting a preliminary briefing of your employees on the knowledge of the rules and requirements in force on the territory of the Atakent Exhibition Center will help you avoid penalties and accidents.